Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CLEAN Tilapia/Crab CAKES

*7 ounces tilapia
*4 ounces crab meat
*1 tbspn Garden of Life Raw Fiber(or flax meal)
*5 ounces squash
*2 ounces of onions
*1 tspn cayenne pepper
*1 tspn McCormick Southwestern Seasoning
*1/2 tspn white pepper
* sea salt (to taste)

** will need a food blender/NINJA


cook the tilapia and crab meat fully.. in a nonstick skillet sauté the squash & onions until done
Take half of veggies and meat and blend well add the fiber and seasonings.
place in a mixing bowl.. add remainder of veggies and meat. MIX WELL.

Form cakes.
In nonstick skillet cook patties WELL on each side.
serve warm. enjoy.. 

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