Sunday, January 22, 2012

Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad

Well... one of My Fitness Pals Here In King Of Prussia, PA. took me to The Cheesecake Factory. I ordered this Barbecue Ranch Chicken salad.. IT WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yall know me.. i had to come up with my own rendition. This is it. I forgot avocado... other than that.. it the same!!

6 ounces of Harvestland Chicken
70 grams of Tomato
40 grams of Onions
1/2 cup of Bush's low sodium Black beans
1/2 cup of corn kernels
1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese
2 slices of Oscar Meyer Center Cut bacon
jalapenos to taste
2 tablespoons of Ranch dressing
1/2 tablespoon of Kraft Sweet N Spicy Barbecue

606 calories/62 protein/ 52 carbs/9 fiber/23 Fat

^^^^^^^ Needless to say this is really only doable on a high burn day.. but it was soooooo good!!!!!! And next time I will add the avocados!! ^^^^^^^^

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey You Guyses! You know how I feel about fitness and health, right? Well, Of course this was a gradual process. I began meeting each challenge with the thought process of , ' I will not be able to do this'. The crazy part was that I WAS DOING IT & MAKING PROGRESS! One day early in my 'learning to run' days (when everything but my ear lobes jiggled), I was thinking (while running) "shut the Hell up! I will not listen to you anymore. I ate that damn cake (entire cake).. I enjoyed Hibachi twice a week, pasta, and sweets. I am the one who has to fix it. I am the one in pain. I am the one who HATES looking at herself so much that when I get out of the shower.. I  close my eyes and reach for the towel to hurry and wrap up because I hate what I see. Thats ALL ME!!! Yet... I am ALSO the one who walks/run as the assholes blow their horns in passing because they get a laugh out of seeing me run. I am ALSO the one RUNNING!!!!! I AM the one who wins when I accomplish each and every goal.. be that as it may small to many. I am the ONLY one who can decide when and IF I fail or succeed.  So shut the HELL UP, ME!!!!". I was jogging, actually... And I was crying. But Baby.. I got pumped up!!!!!! I started moving my entire ME ... swinging my arms... lifting my feet higher.. whew I was flying!!!!!! I was so proud!!!!! I looked at my tracker.. AHHAHAAHA!!!! I had barely beat my time before.  DAYYUM!!! It didn't matter though.. somehow I burned more.. and I knew I had been playing around when I started. I was defeating myself BEFORE even starting! I started racing against myself. And wouldn't ya know it??? I improved and it was FUN and I looked forward to seeing my rolls when I stepped out the shower. WHY? I would say to myself.. there are worse things I could be.

From that moment on I would be sooooo krunk about working out! And when I would improve I felt very much like this little boy on this video.... I dang near cry each time I watch it... because he is a BABY... and he understands what it takes to get better.. and he's not afraid.. He is READY!!!!
So.. no matter what phase of this journey you are on... Don't be AFRAID.. be,,,,  READY!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This was the challenge... 

COACHES...CHALLENGE YOUR TEAM AS A WHOLE..YOU INCLUDED.. TO BURN 1150 more cals tomorrow than they did today....1/17/2012 If you have someone with a low rhr....this would take forever.. Soooo for every 30 mins..that counts as 175 calories burned!!!! THIS IS A CHANCE TO BUILD AN EVEN CLOSER RAPPORT AND SHOW THEM YOU ARE IN IT WITH THEM.. THIS IS LESS THAN 300 cals per person..OR 40 mins for those who have a hard time getting the HR up(GG). LEGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WE WANT IT!!!!

The Results.....

Team Tmogs: 
Hugznkiki  increased time and calories :-) 
Wednesday 50 min 481 calories
Tuesday 15 min 130 calories 

Wednesday 60 min 601 calories 
Tuesday 30 min 300 calories 

Wednesday 100 mins 1750 calories
Tuesday 56 min 356 calories 


Wednesday 73 min 545 calories 
Tuesday 50 min 273 calories

>>>Total Increased Team Burn= 2268<<<

Team SimplyJourLeeBrooks:

Wednesday 112 mins. 936 calories
Tuesday 55 mins  813 calories

Wednesday173 mins WOW!!!!!!!!!!  1132 calories
Tuesday ... 0 and 0  way to rock it out Babes!!! 

Wednesday 97 mins 1045 calories
Tuesday... 60 mins and 565 calories 

Wednesday 80 mins 1078 calories
Tuesday 76 mins 1015 calories

>>>Total Increased Team Burn= 1795<<<

**Team: Golden Warriors** 


Tuesday Burn- 343 cals 
Wednesday Burn- 769 cals 
Increased Burn #- 426 cals 


Tuesday Burn- 834 cals 
Wednesday Burn- 1031 cals 
Increased Burn #- 197 cals 


Tuesday Burn- 762 cals 
Wednesday Burn- 892 cals 
Increased Burn #- 130 cals 


Tuesday Burn- 412 cals 
Wednesday Burn- 777 cals 
Increased Burn #- 365 cals

>>>Total Increased Team Burn= 1118<<< 

>>>Gwendalyn's Angels<<<

Tuesday mins 77 cals burn 620 
Yesterday mins 122 cals burn 1654 

Tuesday Mins ? Cals burn 511 
Yesterday Mins 90 Cals burn 690 

Tuesday Mins 40 Cals burn 320 
Yesterday Mins 78 Cals burn 797

Tuesday 0 - no exercise 
Yesterday Min 73 Cals burn 704

>>>Total Increased Team Burn= 2394<<< 


2012!!!!!!  SIMPLY TIME YOURSELF ON THIS ONE.. WE WILL RE-DO this as the challenge Progress and we will track your speed in getting through this... PLEASE BE SAFE.. FOCUS ON FORM!!!!!!!!! NOW LEGGGGGOOOOO!!!!!!!! 

Thanks  LIZZY-POOH for telling us about: Free app Gym Buddy will alert you at intervals.


100 jumps with rope; 3 sets of 15 deep swimmers press; 3 sets of 15 lawnmowers(per arm); 3 sets of 21's; 100 jumps with rope OR imaginary ( IF YOU HAVENT BOUGHT ONE BY NOW.. PLEASE GO INVEST 6 BUCKS AND GET ONE.. ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM PRETEND); 3 sets of 15 chest fly's; 3 sets of 15 woodchops;3 sets of triceps kickbacks; 100 jumps with rope

 IF YOU ARE BAD.. DO 300 more JUMPS and tell us about it!!! YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                

Bear Walk

Toe Touches


Windshield Wipers
 (modified bend your knees)

Split Squats

Swimmer's Press
 ( you may start in the arms up position)

 (7 for each position pay attention to the stopping point)

Dumbbell Chest Fly
 (notice his mouth doesn't match the video LOL)

 (I threw you a bone guys!)

Tricep Kickbacks
 (do the second example)

Wood Chops

Globe Jumps
 (each jump for us counts as one)

Kick Squats

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This one is called....BURN BABY BURN....set timer for 15 mins...lay it on the floor so you can see the clock..unless you can set it to alert you at intervals...You need a 10 pound weight set JOG FOR 1 min....MAY BE DONE IN PLACE..TIP: I use my hallway... Push ups- as many as possible for 20 secs Squats w/ weight (do arm curls) as many as possible for 30 sec Jumps Squats-No weights!!!! as many as possible for 10 secs. JOG FOR 1 min JUMPROPE(may be imaginary. Just get those feet up and arms rotating)- 20 seconds Push ups- 20 secs Squats w/weight (do curls) 20 secs. JOG FOR 1 min REPEAT UNTIL TIMER GOES OFF! OKAY..ARE YOU ADVANCED AND WANT SOMETHING MORREEEEEEEEE???? try JACS SLAM!!!!! speed rope-100 jumps..... SKATERS-10 per leg ...Squats with arm curls using a 10 pound weight-10 reps...... Vertical punches w/3 to 5 pound weight-20 alternating punches Jumping jacks- 50 jumps GO FAST RIGHT HERE!!!!! REPEAT UNTIL YOU HIT 1000 jumps with the speed that mean you are doing this 10 times have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Coaches Challenge 1/18/2012

COACHES...CHALLENGE YOUR TEAM AS A WHOLE..YOU INCLUDED.. TO BURN 1150 more cals tomorrow than they did today....1/17/2012 If you have someone with a low rhr....this would take forever.. Soooo for every 30 mins..that counts as 175 calories burned!!!! THIS IS A CHANCE TO BUILD AN EVEN CLOSER RAPPORT AND SHOW THEM YOU ARE IN IT WITH THEM.. THIS IS LESS THAN 300 cals per person..OR 40 mins for those who have a hard time getting the HR up(GG. LEGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WE WANT IT!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


January 16, 2012. TODAYS CHALLENGE: SET YOUR CLOCK AT 15 mins..... PUT ON YOUR HRM....BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! will also need a 5 to 10 pound hand weight. perform...WITH OUT STOPPING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE... MAKE SURE TO KEEP COUNT OF HOW MANY SETS YOU DO OF THE FOLLOWING..... 5 deep swimmers press( using your weight) 10 vertical punches (using your weight) 5 pushups (may be modified) 10 Squats ( no weight) 15 jumping jacks 10 front kicks REPEAT THIS UNTIL YOUR TIMER GOES OFF!!! be sure to record your number of SETS COMPLETED. A SET IS ONCE YOU HAVE HAVE ALL EXERCISES ONCE... THEN AGAIN..TWICE... JUST BEING CLEAR HERE!!! have SAFE. BUT PUSH YOURSELF... YOU WILL BE SURPRISED AT YOUR BURN WHEN YOU ARE DOING WITH THIS. **** I am on my iPad so the videos for this will not upload..GOOGLE IT IF YOU ARE UNSURE********

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My Secret: I get alot of compliments on my arms. I must be real.. I have never gave a damn about arms when it came to 'weightloss' before I became friends with Foxxy and ANEWLUCIA.. matter of fact I am not sure if i cared about 'fitness'. Those chics have beautiful arms... Anyway.... Since becoming friends with Foxxy.. 'fitness' became my LIFE!!! and guess what..the weight left in its own.. weird how that happened.. LOL (hint hint). Now Foxxy told me she dont lift weights like 'that' same with ANEWLUCIA.. I said to myself "SELF, those Chics are lying". Foxxy said she do some strength but alot of cardio. but like power pumping cardio. So I started doing what she did.. if she did Nike Training Club App.. I would go do it.. if she did 50 mins elliptical.. Hell.. i would go do it.. I literally stalked her workout posts for about a month until I got the hang of it. I do light weights while doing cardio.. like 3 to 5 pounds.. i do 'modified push-ups" ... i do vertical punches OFTEN.. even while jogging(kinda like shadow boxing). When on the elliptical I am pulling with my arms AND pumping with my legs (working those arms). The MAGIC. believe it or not.. is the jump rope.. the WAY i hold the rope when i jump gives my arms a wonderful burn. this I BELIEVE was my greatest discovery. When you are jumping.. start FOCUSING on the rotation (slight there of) of your arms. your shoulder blades even get worked. THIS IS all I do.. I have one day a week I actually do an arms circuit. and when i do it.. i do the rope in between sets. and I ONLY do 3 machines.. but im doing light weights 5 sets a machine. so.. there ya go. I have several folks who inboxed I figured i would share. its very simple stuff.. THANKS FOXXY AND LUCIA for being my motivation.. I am amazed at how many MEN compliment my arms and shoulders.. never thought they noticed that stuff! guess thats good since i dont have much boo-tay left! HAA!!!!!(yes.. i said MEN.. I am attracted to them! Dayyum! Dont judge me!) LOLOLOLOL..

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey Gang.. I am Blogging this so you Guyses can communicate about Teams In an organized fashion.  I have posted names of the participants so far. Remember,you can link with those who are already IN or find other MFP to get your 3 man teams together. 
 Before you ask.. all you have to do is add a comment to correspond with one another.. as you become a team.. assign a LEAD and have them EMAIL it to me with your TEAM NAME (team name should be a COLOR) @

DEADLINE IS Jan. 10, 2012 for TEAMS.... INITIAL WEIGH INS Start Jan. 13, 2012  DUE  NO LATER THAN Jan. 14, 2012 8PM EST. 
CHALLENGE BEGINS ON THE 15th! I hope this helps..  


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