Hello Everyone! First, allow me to say “thank you” for coming along while I journey as Crystal. 
Needless to say.., that IS my name...(clears throat) DONT WEAR IT OUT! LOL 
When the thought first came to mind of BLOGGING my ‘weight loss journey”- I thought, ‘another one of THOSE sites? REALLY?’. However, so many people ask about my recipes, workouts, eating style (notice the term diet is not there), hair, make-up, job opportunities, and yea..did I say make-up? 
So this is my world ...
Journeying As Crystal. That’s all I know, so thats what I will share with you. I warn you...this blog is not for the sensitive folks. While you get to hear of my pains, successes, and failures- you must also endure my opinion. 
I am soooo excited about sharing these, and so many more, things with you. Oh.. yea.. since you have to endure my opinion..I GUESS I must endure yours. LOL 
okay, allow me to cover the ‘yaddy yaddy ya”. I’m in my early thirties, no kids, work for myself from home, live in south Ga., in-love with one of this world’s Greatest People, grew up in a loving foster home (TONS OF SIBLINGS), sports fanatic!, love kids, traveling, working out (now),cooking, fashion, medium rare steaks, My iPad, and I am a free spirit. I believe religion tends to cause separation...so I intentionally left that out! I genuinely love everyone. So welcome...... HUGS! 

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