Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So I am on a new mission. 6 weeks to abs.. Myself and several of MY FITNESS PALS are going hard for six weeks. Its started on Monday..9/12/2011...It consists of each person making a schedule and STICKING to it. The exercises of choice are AbRIpperX or the Ab Workout on the NIKE TRAINING CLUB APP for Apple products. Well my first day doing my ABRIPPERX was TODAY!! I was scheduled for Monday and Tuesday! lol.. Oh well..
Moving Right Along....

This is my before picture. 9/12/2011.... WORK TO DO!!!



NOW I ACTUALLY VIDEOED ME DOING DAY 1 OF ABRIPPERX.. REMEMBER. MY SHOULDER BURSITIS IS INFLAMED... BUT I REFUSED TO ALLOW THAT TO WIN.. AND MAAAAANNNNNNN I LOOK ROUGH!!!! LOL.. OH WELL. I HAD JUST FINISHED 5 MILES AND THE ELLIPTICAL FOR 30 MINS..AND COMPLETED WEEK 3 DAY 3 BUSHMEN SERIES (50 Toe Touches, 50 Crunches, 50 Windshield Wipers, 50 Kick Squats (don’t pop those knee joints), 50 Globe jumps (each jump up counts as one), 50 Lunges (25 each leg))  SO HUSH!!! LOL

At any rate thanks for hanging out on my journey!! As usual... Keep It Classy Yet Sassy and Truthful Yet Respectful!! HUGS!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


WELL I HAVE GOTTEN QUITE A BIT OF FEEDBACK ABOUT ARMS. I have never been big on lifting, however, my arms have always been a problem area. I still have some ways to go.. but at least I have a muscle. LOL. So.. like I said, I dont like lifting.. what do I use?? Well when I am not doing P90X.. I use dumb bells and go very light with old school type of moves. I have included a video.. NOT OF ME THIS TIME!! lol.. this video can be done in 15 to 20 minutes. It is very similar to what I use. Also, it will not hurt to simply grab some 3 to 5 pound hand weights.. and while watching a show.. do a few punches and curls with them. Every little bit counts.  Hope this helps Ladies.. or ..Gents. :)

Now.. if i must say so.. My best feature.. body wise... has always been my legs. hummmhumm!! I said it.. I am working on a video for yall. I will post it when done!
Until Then... Keep It Classy Yet Sassy... Truthful Yet Respectful!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello y'all!

Well today wasn't really that eventful! I did the 5k today walked/ran...45 minutes. This was a trail/multi terrain type I'm happy with that time. Though I will be pushing to better that time. I did have to stop due to rain so of course that affected my time. I WAS DRENCHED!!!!!!!!!!! But I loved it!!! I also forgot to share with y'all my OTHER FAVORITE APP ON ONE OF MY MANY DEVICES....NIKE TRAINING CLUB!!! LOVE IT! ITS AN APPLE APP..SOFTRACE IS DROID. I have recently began to incorporate It into my week 2 to 3 times. ITS ALSO A FREE APP!!!! you can customize, by selections, the workout of choice and while the 'trainer' is taking you through the routine your music on your iPod/iPhone plays!!! Did I say I love it??!!!!! GET IT!
Moving Right Along....
I also did Nike Training Club... Workout of choice was SWEAT+SHAPE. If you have the app its under GET LEAN..BEGINNER..SWEAT+SHAPE. YEA..I'm not a beginner.. But after the 5k I wanted just an extra pop. There are no breaks with the 30 minute routine so it was perfect!
I then.....
...did the BUSHMEN SERIES SEPT CHALLENGE:week 2 Day 1 - 5 minute bearwalk, 50 Toe Touches(with 5lb medicine ball), 50 Crunches, 100 Jumping Jacks, 50 Burpees, 20 Windshield Wipers, 50 Split Squats. LET ME TELL YOU..THOSE DAMN BEAR WALKS...WELL THAT DAMN BEAR WALK..IS NOT A GAME!!! for me ..recovering a hip and shoulder injury the burpees and windshield wipers were a challenge..but I pushed through. Completed the entire series in 23:26 minutes. I do this series again on we will see if that time improves.
At any rate.. It's 11:08 p.m. I'm tired... Good night! Lol.
Oh!! Today I made sure to drink 16 ounces of water before each meal... Ate less...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Challenge Day 3!!!!

WHATZUP!!! Needless to say ,today was a crazy one!!! It was supposed to be my day off from exercise ,aside from completing the challenge!!! As I began to log the rest of my food( BIG NO NO..GENERALLY I PRE LOG ..THEN EAT.OTHERWISE I AM IN TROUBLE) I noticed I was over in fat!! I FIGURED WELL I WILL DO A STROLL/ WALK. So around 6:30p.m... I get going...10 minutes in...I got Krunk!!!! So I walked 2 miles..wasn't THAT KRUNK WHERE I WANTED TO RUN!!! lmao! So my pace was 3.5 miles p/HR. 30 plus minutes later..I decided....20 minutes of CROSSRAMP. It's the elliptical without the arms. Any who!!!!! Did 2 miles on there...and ....
MOVING RIGHT ALONE...BUSHMEN SERIES..THE CHALLENGE !! YALL ..I'd truly forgotten I had that to do!!! So I get in and go for it....Day 3 - 50 Squat Kicks, 50 Jumping Jacks , 50 Crunches, 50 Mountain Climbers, 50 Wood Chops and last but not least 50 Globe Jumps! USED 8 lbs on the wood chops. WAS SUPPOSED TO BE NO BREAK..well what the heck ever.. I had to take several breaks!! This series whooped my Butt!!! Took me 17:46 minutes to complete it! I had to become my own drill Sargent to get through those globe jumps...GOOGLE IT.OR GO TO THE PAGE FOR THE CHALLENGE FOR SEPTEMBER ON THE BOTTOM OF PAGE... ANYWAY...I come to realize I did 200 of the globe jumps. I thought a full four jumps was equal to one. But it's counted as one for every jump...I ALMOST KILLED MYSELF FOR NOTHING.. WELL NOT NOTHING..IT WAS AN ACCOMPLSHMENT!
Moving right along....
So ... Gotta add today..
SATURDAY... BURNED 868 cals/ ate 1726 65 net carbs.
So my updated total weekly burn is 9168 total Sunday thru Saturday!!!!
Anyway..I'm beat y'all..

Friday, September 2, 2011

September Challenge DAY 2 COMPLETE..and some!!

Well my day has come to an end... This challenge is beautiful. I am very excited about my probable results! 
Today's challenge was: 2 sets of 15 reps each... Swimmer’s Presses, 21’s, Dumbbell Chest Fly’s,  Lawnmowers,  Tricep Kickbacks, Shoulder Shrugs (weighted)!!! As you can see this is forcing me to really use my shoulders/collar bone area. With the previous injury I must admit I was slightly afraid. However, I went for it! EFF IT! LOL..( Hey Momma ). I am shocked at how quick you can lose strength. It has been approximately 60 days since I really lifted and I was forced to use 8lbs for all exercises except for the Tricep Kickbacks.. used 5lbs. I was up to 15lbs before the injury and 8lbs on the kickbacks. So I"M REALLY FOCUSED NOW!!!! I completed that challenge in 12:36 minutes. I did focus on form, which I'm used to from P90X.  So I'm on a roll.. 
Moving right along... 
So you saw where the title said .. and some....... HOW IN THE WORLD DID THIS HAPPEN??? I'm now a team leader for the challenge which means another month of tracking friends' results!! Had not planned on that. But this guy who is heading it would have been over 10 plus teams. So I figured what the hell! So this should be a month of wealth for me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 
Moving right along... SOOOOOOO... today was my last day for my PLANNED workouts for the week. 6 DAYS 1 DAY off.. thats with me reaching my weekly burn goal of 7200. Well.. I am ending this week at 8310 calories burned!!!  So WHOOT WHOOT I get tomorrow off! Last week my ending total was 8575 calories burned! 
OH MERCY.. Oh yeah.. sorry.. Moving right along!!! lol
OH Mercy.. why did he come home with Daylight Donut Holes??????????????? Before I knew it.. the GREEDY girl in me had just opened the bag and put one in my mouth!!!!!! She made me chew it slowly... and then love it up some.. allowing my taste buds to savor the sweetness.... the glaze...then I swallowed... LMAO!!!! MERCY!!! Am I talking about a donut????? or a..... anyway!! LMAO.. like I was saying... Next thing I knew.. she was forcing me to reach in for another one.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I glance up and Dwyne is glaring at me ( as best he knows how. lol) and he sweetly SUGGESTS... 'just one Baby". And just like that I was from under that heifer's spell!!!! Thank Goodness my Boo is a Hater!!! LOL!  That one donut 'hole' was 38 calories and 4 grams of carbs.. thats it!! no fiber or nothing!!! Oh...well FAT!!! YIKES!!!
Moving right along......
This was my weeks line up...... Calories burned -vs- Calories Eaten
Sunday 1075 cals burned/1579 eaten/63 net carbs
Monday 1190 cals burned/1333 eaten/57 net carbs
Tuesday 1503 cals burned/1844 eaten/196 net carbs
Wednesday 1436 cals burned/1386 eaten/120 net carbs
Thursday 1656 cals burned/1558 eaten/41 net carbs  FIRST DAY OF CHALLENGE
Friday 1450 cals burned/ 1600 eaten/ 42 net carbs.  

I must say... I KNOW I NEED TO EAT MORE!!! I really do try.. Next week lets watch it close and see what i can do!!!! 
Thanks for all your comments... and as always...

TODAY's 3 mile RACE

Hey y'all! I know what I forgot to tell y'all!!! I FINALLY FOUND AN APP FOR DROID THAT TRACKS YOUR DISTANCE AND SPEED WHILE EXERCISING/ RUNNING! IT was recommended by one of MFP friends, GOLDENGIRL1979( THANK YOU GIRL!!!!) Up until today I was using solo. The name...sorry I almost forgot to tell you!!! LMAO!!! SOFTRACE...NOW!!!!! What I am referring to when i say i was doing it the feature on there that allows you to race other runners who are running right NOW!!!!!!! SO today I decided to race! YEAH BABY!!! BOUTS TO CRUSH SOMEBODY'S CHILD'S feelings!!!!! WOWZER!!! Today's run was BANAAAANNNNAAAAASSSS( said like Shaun T y'all .lmao) anyway... I decided to do a 3 mile race... Now I figured with my back pack I may not WIN... But this was ridiculous!!!! I had to stop for potty 4 times...LOST MY KEYS SOMEHOW MY BAG HAS A HOLE!!! GOOD THING I NOTICED WHEN I DID...I WAS GETTING TISSUE OUT( for one of those potty runs) and noticed NO KEYS!!!! OMG!! where in the world??? y'all ..ON MY ROUTE THERE IS A TON OF tall grass!! So I'm back tracking using the soft race app because it shows my path!!! THANK YOU !! SO I FOUND THEM!! ANYWAY FINISHED FINALLY!!!!!! 3 miles In 45 minutes...14th place!! Out of 20. A little pissed.. Next time will be different...and I hope that one runner, feeny, is on there..they were actually trying to pass me for 14th place!!! The nerve!!!!! Let me eat something. I knew I was going Tribal in September!! But HONEY!!!! no!! New bag in the makings.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey y'all!! Well..I'm back!!! I'm all healed up and ready to push through with my journey! Today began the first day of the September challenge. SOOOO EXCITED.. SO EACH DAY WE WILL DO 6 exercises at 50 reps without stopping! Today the exercise was 50 each of (Squat kicks/jumping jacks/crunches/mountain climber/wood chops/ and globe jumps!! Let me tell you!!! That sh*t was BANANAS!!!! IT HURT SO BEAUTIFULLY!!! WHEW LOVED IT! THEN I DID A 75 minute trail 4 mile walk.. Can you say my knees were sweating!! Walking is still an amazing fat burner!!! Don't slip on it! Then I ended the day with a 40 minute CROSS RAMP workout!!! Loved it! Yes, I'm back...did I mention ALL THE STRETCHING IM DOING TO 'remain back'?? Well I'm doing plenty, Baby!! I'm not going back down injury road again if I can help it!! SO.. To catch you week starts on weekly BURN goal is 7200 calories. As of today I am at 6860!!!!!! WOW.. WITH 2 days to go!! I'm so in my zone! Now let's be clear...I do not do my workout all at once. I do an early morning and either a mid-day or late afternoon. I WENT CARB BANANAS THE LAST PART OF AUGUST...LUCKILY I STILL LOST 2 pounds! Because I'm JUST FULL FORCE ON MY WORKOUTS!! YES... You heard right.. 156 BABY!! My goal for September is to be down another 11 pounds!!! y'all watch me now!! Lol.
MOVING RIGHT ALONG... NOW..I ALSO DO SOMETHING THAT ME AND MFP FRIENDS CALL..TEMPTATION FRIDAYS.. ITS WHERE YOU EARN YOUR TREAT. SO MY WEEKLY IS 7200. FRIDAY morning I check my total to my case right now I still need 440 calories to hit goal. I divide it by 2 since I have 2 days left. THEN I CHOOSE MY TREAT!! So if my treat is 600 calories.. On FRIDAY I WOULD BURN MY REGULAR GOAL WHICH IN THIS WEEK WOULD BE 220 calories PLUS THE 600 and then on Saturday all I need is the 220 to clear my goal.LOVED IT LAST WEEK..HAD ME A STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (A big one with ice cream) 700 CALORIES!!! I almost killed myself that day! Lol. Because I still needed 800 calories for the regular goal.I did it and it was delicious!!! But this week ...I'm gonna do a NO TORTILLA TACO SALAD WITH LOTS OF SOUR CREAM AND CHEESE..ALL LEGAL WHILE LOW CARBING BUT MY QUANTITIES WILL BE HIGHER THAN ALLOWED...I haven't calculated it yet. Will post that with tomorrow's post. I will also do either a low carb pumpkin cheesecake OR WATERMELON..SEASON'S almost over so I may go for a bowl..we will see! So now you are caught up on me..thanks for reading. All comments are
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