Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Challenge Day 3!!!!

WHATZUP!!! Needless to say ,today was a crazy one!!! It was supposed to be my day off from exercise ,aside from completing the challenge!!! As I began to log the rest of my food( BIG NO NO..GENERALLY I PRE LOG ..THEN EAT.OTHERWISE I AM IN TROUBLE) I noticed I was over in fat!! I FIGURED WELL I WILL DO A STROLL/ WALK. So around 6:30p.m... I get going...10 minutes in...I got Krunk!!!! So I walked 2 miles..wasn't THAT KRUNK WHERE I WANTED TO RUN!!! lmao! So my pace was 3.5 miles p/HR. 30 plus minutes later..I decided....20 minutes of CROSSRAMP. It's the elliptical without the arms. Any who!!!!! Did 2 miles on there...and ....
MOVING RIGHT ALONE...BUSHMEN SERIES..THE CHALLENGE !! YALL ..I'd truly forgotten I had that to do!!! So I get in and go for it....Day 3 - 50 Squat Kicks, 50 Jumping Jacks , 50 Crunches, 50 Mountain Climbers, 50 Wood Chops and last but not least 50 Globe Jumps! USED 8 lbs on the wood chops. WAS SUPPOSED TO BE NO BREAK..well what the heck ever.. I had to take several breaks!! This series whooped my Butt!!! Took me 17:46 minutes to complete it! I had to become my own drill Sargent to get through those globe jumps...GOOGLE IT.OR GO TO THE PAGE FOR THE CHALLENGE FOR SEPTEMBER ON THE BOTTOM OF PAGE... ANYWAY...I come to realize I did 200 of the globe jumps. I thought a full four jumps was equal to one. But it's counted as one for every jump...I ALMOST KILLED MYSELF FOR NOTHING.. WELL NOT NOTHING..IT WAS AN ACCOMPLSHMENT!
Moving right along....
So ... Gotta add today..
SATURDAY... BURNED 868 cals/ ate 1726 65 net carbs.
So my updated total weekly burn is 9168 total Sunday thru Saturday!!!!
Anyway..I'm beat y'all..

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