Friday, September 2, 2011

September Challenge DAY 2 COMPLETE..and some!!

Well my day has come to an end... This challenge is beautiful. I am very excited about my probable results! 
Today's challenge was: 2 sets of 15 reps each... Swimmer’s Presses, 21’s, Dumbbell Chest Fly’s,  Lawnmowers,  Tricep Kickbacks, Shoulder Shrugs (weighted)!!! As you can see this is forcing me to really use my shoulders/collar bone area. With the previous injury I must admit I was slightly afraid. However, I went for it! EFF IT! LOL..( Hey Momma ). I am shocked at how quick you can lose strength. It has been approximately 60 days since I really lifted and I was forced to use 8lbs for all exercises except for the Tricep Kickbacks.. used 5lbs. I was up to 15lbs before the injury and 8lbs on the kickbacks. So I"M REALLY FOCUSED NOW!!!! I completed that challenge in 12:36 minutes. I did focus on form, which I'm used to from P90X.  So I'm on a roll.. 
Moving right along... 
So you saw where the title said .. and some....... HOW IN THE WORLD DID THIS HAPPEN??? I'm now a team leader for the challenge which means another month of tracking friends' results!! Had not planned on that. But this guy who is heading it would have been over 10 plus teams. So I figured what the hell! So this should be a month of wealth for me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 
Moving right along... SOOOOOOO... today was my last day for my PLANNED workouts for the week. 6 DAYS 1 DAY off.. thats with me reaching my weekly burn goal of 7200. Well.. I am ending this week at 8310 calories burned!!!  So WHOOT WHOOT I get tomorrow off! Last week my ending total was 8575 calories burned! 
OH MERCY.. Oh yeah.. sorry.. Moving right along!!! lol
OH Mercy.. why did he come home with Daylight Donut Holes??????????????? Before I knew it.. the GREEDY girl in me had just opened the bag and put one in my mouth!!!!!! She made me chew it slowly... and then love it up some.. allowing my taste buds to savor the sweetness.... the glaze...then I swallowed... LMAO!!!! MERCY!!! Am I talking about a donut????? or a..... anyway!! LMAO.. like I was saying... Next thing I knew.. she was forcing me to reach in for another one.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I glance up and Dwyne is glaring at me ( as best he knows how. lol) and he sweetly SUGGESTS... 'just one Baby". And just like that I was from under that heifer's spell!!!! Thank Goodness my Boo is a Hater!!! LOL!  That one donut 'hole' was 38 calories and 4 grams of carbs.. thats it!! no fiber or nothing!!! Oh...well FAT!!! YIKES!!!
Moving right along......
This was my weeks line up...... Calories burned -vs- Calories Eaten
Sunday 1075 cals burned/1579 eaten/63 net carbs
Monday 1190 cals burned/1333 eaten/57 net carbs
Tuesday 1503 cals burned/1844 eaten/196 net carbs
Wednesday 1436 cals burned/1386 eaten/120 net carbs
Thursday 1656 cals burned/1558 eaten/41 net carbs  FIRST DAY OF CHALLENGE
Friday 1450 cals burned/ 1600 eaten/ 42 net carbs.  

I must say... I KNOW I NEED TO EAT MORE!!! I really do try.. Next week lets watch it close and see what i can do!!!! 
Thanks for all your comments... and as always...

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