Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey y'all!! Well..I'm back!!! I'm all healed up and ready to push through with my journey! Today began the first day of the September challenge. SOOOO EXCITED.. SO EACH DAY WE WILL DO 6 exercises at 50 reps without stopping! Today the exercise was 50 each of (Squat kicks/jumping jacks/crunches/mountain climber/wood chops/ and globe jumps!! Let me tell you!!! That sh*t was BANANAS!!!! IT HURT SO BEAUTIFULLY!!! WHEW LOVED IT! THEN I DID A 75 minute trail 4 mile walk.. Can you say my knees were sweating!! Walking is still an amazing fat burner!!! Don't slip on it! Then I ended the day with a 40 minute CROSS RAMP workout!!! Loved it! Yes, I'm back...did I mention ALL THE STRETCHING IM DOING TO 'remain back'?? Well I'm doing plenty, Baby!! I'm not going back down injury road again if I can help it!! SO.. To catch you week starts on weekly BURN goal is 7200 calories. As of today I am at 6860!!!!!! WOW.. WITH 2 days to go!! I'm so in my zone! Now let's be clear...I do not do my workout all at once. I do an early morning and either a mid-day or late afternoon. I WENT CARB BANANAS THE LAST PART OF AUGUST...LUCKILY I STILL LOST 2 pounds! Because I'm JUST FULL FORCE ON MY WORKOUTS!! YES... You heard right.. 156 BABY!! My goal for September is to be down another 11 pounds!!! y'all watch me now!! Lol.
MOVING RIGHT ALONG... NOW..I ALSO DO SOMETHING THAT ME AND MFP FRIENDS CALL..TEMPTATION FRIDAYS.. ITS WHERE YOU EARN YOUR TREAT. SO MY WEEKLY IS 7200. FRIDAY morning I check my total to my case right now I still need 440 calories to hit goal. I divide it by 2 since I have 2 days left. THEN I CHOOSE MY TREAT!! So if my treat is 600 calories.. On FRIDAY I WOULD BURN MY REGULAR GOAL WHICH IN THIS WEEK WOULD BE 220 calories PLUS THE 600 and then on Saturday all I need is the 220 to clear my goal.LOVED IT LAST WEEK..HAD ME A STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (A big one with ice cream) 700 CALORIES!!! I almost killed myself that day! Lol. Because I still needed 800 calories for the regular goal.I did it and it was delicious!!! But this week ...I'm gonna do a NO TORTILLA TACO SALAD WITH LOTS OF SOUR CREAM AND CHEESE..ALL LEGAL WHILE LOW CARBING BUT MY QUANTITIES WILL BE HIGHER THAN ALLOWED...I haven't calculated it yet. Will post that with tomorrow's post. I will also do either a low carb pumpkin cheesecake OR WATERMELON..SEASON'S almost over so I may go for a bowl..we will see! So now you are caught up on me..thanks for reading. All comments are
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