Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Man today is a day!!!!! I have had a rough last 35 days with injuries and heavy congestion, and then flu like symptoms.. because I wont claim it as the flu! lol..  I woke this morning feeling like blah! I don't wanna run! I dont wanna eat another damn EGG!!!!!!!! I want some pancakes from iHop smothered in butter...OMG.. let me stop! But cant you taste it?  Topped with that Hot Syrup... Slathered in Butter with some turkey sausage links on the side??? With a tall glass of orange juice..I never seem to drink. LOL.. And lets not forget about 30 minutes later how I will feel SICK!!! lol.. that always end my fantasy. I always feel terrible after. So with that in mind.. I said get your butt on the scale because today might be one of those days you forget where you're going. I dont weigh often. I think its crazy to do so. However, when I have these moments I jump on there for MOTIVATION... No matter the number I will GET motivated. Up ..Im motivated.. Down.. I'm motivated. Its all about walking with my eyes wide open. I dont allow the scale the opportunity to make me feel low. Its simply a LOCATOR. A tool to assist me with LOCATING where I am in my journey! That's it! So, I'm pumped... Im stripping.. I hop up there. posture straight!!! Looking in the mirror trying not to criticise the fact that since my shoulder injury I havent been able to do push-ups so my arms are looking soft!!!! I peek down...... 158!!!! what what??!!! I jumped off that sucka grabbed my HRM,iPod Touch, wireless head phones, nike air shocks.. oh..I need pants and stuff too, gotta go get this burn on. LMAO.. I was so excited I didn't even think about the clothes.... just the essentials. I know that my HRM was key in my success (THANK YOU SWEET MAN OF MINE) anyway.. lol.. like I said, I know it was the BIG key to my moment. look at my B-day Pics. That was March 11 yall. Four months ago!! It was one of my gifts. DO you understand in 4 months I have lost 22 pounds! Yea I know yall are like thats only about 5 pounds a month. To date I am down 67 pounds .. since i got SERIOUS 12/24/2010. You want it to go fast, huhn? Well guess what... it can.. but it will more than likely be muscle. My body has transformed. So for me- 22 pounds is awesome. Think on this.. would you rather have loss 22 pounds 4 months later, or be sitting around having not lost anything and saying.. that's not enough? I didn't starve either.. ate REAL good! lol See it (HRM) too is one of my LOCATOR tools. If you don't have one ...get one. I don't wanna hear about it's cost. Its an investment in your LIFE! 
See i cant even celebrate me without trying to help motivate someone else (LovelySpirit, I'm working on it girl. Love ya!). So back to me. I did it! I'm in the 150's. Hot Damn! Eight more pounds to go! So that's another 2 months because I want to lose fat. I cant wait to get on P90X again... 
these are some of my post and during workout photos from today!!! At 158 yall!! 


  1. Congrats on all your are truely an inspriration!!

  2. I'm so proud of you and your achievements but more importantly of your positive attitude towards obstacles which are actually opportunities...."You could never be the person you are and could be if pressure, tension, or discipline is taken out of your Life"...all those issues which some saw as obstacles were actually opportunities for you to be successful for yourself and to inspire others...we are achievers...yes Mam we are and I'm right behind you...CIRCUMSTANCES ARE NOT OUR MASTER....LEGGO!!!

  3. Looking good girl in your black and yellow!! I'm the same way...if I'm loving what the scale says then it pushes me even more. Five pounds a month is the perfect amount! Congrats on getting to the 150's. I'm one foot out of it. Well, probably just a big toe. LOL.


  4. You look FABULOUS!! Makes me wanna take my sweat shots!!! Keep up the great work!!!


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