Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This one is called....BURN BABY BURN....set timer for 15 mins...lay it on the floor so you can see the clock..unless you can set it to alert you at intervals...You need a 10 pound weight set JOG FOR 1 min....MAY BE DONE IN PLACE..TIP: I use my hallway... Push ups- as many as possible for 20 secs Squats w/ weight (do arm curls) as many as possible for 30 sec Jumps Squats-No weights!!!! as many as possible for 10 secs. JOG FOR 1 min JUMPROPE(may be imaginary. Just get those feet up and arms rotating)- 20 seconds Push ups- 20 secs Squats w/weight (do curls) 20 secs. JOG FOR 1 min REPEAT UNTIL TIMER GOES OFF! OKAY..ARE YOU ADVANCED AND WANT SOMETHING MORREEEEEEEEE???? try JACS SLAM!!!!! speed rope-100 jumps..... SKATERS-10 per leg ...Squats with arm curls using a 10 pound weight-10 reps...... Vertical punches w/3 to 5 pound weight-20 alternating punches Jumping jacks- 50 jumps GO FAST RIGHT HERE!!!!! REPEAT UNTIL YOU HIT 1000 jumps with the speed rope...so that mean you are doing this 10 times have fun!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm so on this for Tomorrow's workout!!!

  2. you know I did this workout yesterday. I'm so confused. I thought I had read that every night at 9:30 you would put up a challenge for the following day. Now in big letters it does say for the 19th, but I saw tuesday up there and thought it was meant for wednesday. How may days do we do this once you put it up?

  3. I guess I will do advanced one today.


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