Sunday, January 15, 2012


My Secret: I get alot of compliments on my arms. I must be real.. I have never gave a damn about arms when it came to 'weightloss' before I became friends with Foxxy and ANEWLUCIA.. matter of fact I am not sure if i cared about 'fitness'. Those chics have beautiful arms... Anyway.... Since becoming friends with Foxxy.. 'fitness' became my LIFE!!! and guess what..the weight left in its own.. weird how that happened.. LOL (hint hint). Now Foxxy told me she dont lift weights like 'that' same with ANEWLUCIA.. I said to myself "SELF, those Chics are lying". Foxxy said she do some strength but alot of cardio. but like power pumping cardio. So I started doing what she did.. if she did Nike Training Club App.. I would go do it.. if she did 50 mins elliptical.. Hell.. i would go do it.. I literally stalked her workout posts for about a month until I got the hang of it. I do light weights while doing cardio.. like 3 to 5 pounds.. i do 'modified push-ups" ... i do vertical punches OFTEN.. even while jogging(kinda like shadow boxing). When on the elliptical I am pulling with my arms AND pumping with my legs (working those arms). The MAGIC. believe it or not.. is the jump rope.. the WAY i hold the rope when i jump gives my arms a wonderful burn. this I BELIEVE was my greatest discovery. When you are jumping.. start FOCUSING on the rotation (slight there of) of your arms. your shoulder blades even get worked. THIS IS all I do.. I have one day a week I actually do an arms circuit. and when i do it.. i do the rope in between sets. and I ONLY do 3 machines.. but im doing light weights 5 sets a machine. so.. there ya go. I have several folks who inboxed I figured i would share. its very simple stuff.. THANKS FOXXY AND LUCIA for being my motivation.. I am amazed at how many MEN compliment my arms and shoulders.. never thought they noticed that stuff! guess thats good since i dont have much boo-tay left! HAA!!!!!(yes.. i said MEN.. I am attracted to them! Dayyum! Dont judge me!) LOLOLOLOL..

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