Monday, January 16, 2012


January 16, 2012. TODAYS CHALLENGE: SET YOUR CLOCK AT 15 mins..... PUT ON YOUR HRM....BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! will also need a 5 to 10 pound hand weight. perform...WITH OUT STOPPING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE... MAKE SURE TO KEEP COUNT OF HOW MANY SETS YOU DO OF THE FOLLOWING..... 5 deep swimmers press( using your weight) 10 vertical punches (using your weight) 5 pushups (may be modified) 10 Squats ( no weight) 15 jumping jacks 10 front kicks REPEAT THIS UNTIL YOUR TIMER GOES OFF!!! be sure to record your number of SETS COMPLETED. A SET IS ONCE YOU HAVE HAVE ALL EXERCISES ONCE... THEN AGAIN..TWICE... JUST BEING CLEAR HERE!!! have SAFE. BUT PUSH YOURSELF... YOU WILL BE SURPRISED AT YOUR BURN WHEN YOU ARE DOING WITH THIS. **** I am on my iPad so the videos for this will not upload..GOOGLE IT IF YOU ARE UNSURE********


  1. Great challenge...I'm still working out with you guys even thou I didn't join a team...have a blessed night everyone

  2. I only got 7 sets in 2 15min rounds. Loved IT!

  3. you got to more sets than me @ Redladystl lol! I got 6 sets done in 15min.


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