Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey You Guyses! You know how I feel about fitness and health, right? Well, Of course this was a gradual process. I began meeting each challenge with the thought process of , ' I will not be able to do this'. The crazy part was that I WAS DOING IT & MAKING PROGRESS! One day early in my 'learning to run' days (when everything but my ear lobes jiggled), I was thinking (while running) "shut the Hell up! I will not listen to you anymore. I ate that damn cake (entire cake).. I enjoyed Hibachi twice a week, pasta, and sweets. I am the one who has to fix it. I am the one in pain. I am the one who HATES looking at herself so much that when I get out of the shower.. I  close my eyes and reach for the towel to hurry and wrap up because I hate what I see. Thats ALL ME!!! Yet... I am ALSO the one who walks/run as the assholes blow their horns in passing because they get a laugh out of seeing me run. I am ALSO the one RUNNING!!!!! I AM the one who wins when I accomplish each and every goal.. be that as it may small to many. I am the ONLY one who can decide when and IF I fail or succeed.  So shut the HELL UP, ME!!!!". I was jogging, actually... And I was crying. But Baby.. I got pumped up!!!!!! I started moving my entire ME ... swinging my arms... lifting my feet higher.. whew I was flying!!!!!! I was so proud!!!!! I looked at my tracker.. AHHAHAAHA!!!! I had barely beat my time before.  DAYYUM!!! It didn't matter though.. somehow I burned more.. and I knew I had been playing around when I started. I was defeating myself BEFORE even starting! I started racing against myself. And wouldn't ya know it??? I improved and it was FUN and I looked forward to seeing my rolls when I stepped out the shower. WHY? I would say to myself.. there are worse things I could be.

From that moment on I would be sooooo krunk about working out! And when I would improve I felt very much like this little boy on this video.... I dang near cry each time I watch it... because he is a BABY... and he understands what it takes to get better.. and he's not afraid.. He is READY!!!!
So.. no matter what phase of this journey you are on... Don't be AFRAID.. be,,,,  READY!!!

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