Sunday, July 3, 2011

After Math

Hey Yall,
     I finished week 2 day 1 of P90X Lean Version!!! Core Synergistics!!!  I was SOOOOOOO on my "who run the world? Girls!". I refuse to allow that Pam Blam & Dreya to do me! I don't think so! I was getting my grove on. Sweat dripping down my face. I mean my knees were sweating y'all! But I BET those BROADS didn't get the best of me! Nope! Well... not quite. LOL. I was hanging in there! I will say THAT!! Before we move on.... WHY is it spelled Core 'Synergistics".. my screen is lit up with 'word check'! LOL.. really hate when folks make up a word... without explaining it!!! It should be Core "Synergistic". No where in the dictionary is it 'pluralized".. Hold on.. let me check on THAT word... CHECKED! I'm good. Now like I was saying.. no where in the dictionary does it exist. The following is my case and point!
ADJ. 1. SYNERGISTIC - used especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more)
Moving right along...LOL 
Found a new spot, Jimmy's John, today. Well.. My Boo found the spot-LOL. Anyway, they have bun-less sub sandwiches!! I was so excited. Let me say I loved it. I normally have to make my food before we head out.So I was grateful to be able to just go--and eat. Highly recommend it. 
Moving right along..LOL
So after Jimmy John today...why?? my dude says i wanted to go to Diary Queens.. OH you cant have any..never mind... I say Babes no you go on..Im good..BUT we are parked at our condo building about to get out..SOOOOOO i didn't think he was gonna go. LMAO!! He backs up and Im like WHAT?!!! lol.. so minutes later.. he's in the drive thru.. I'm jonsing for strawberry sundae with nuts.... and extra strawberries... yyyeeeessssss.. AH NOPE! I suddenly remembered how TERRIBLE I felt the other day when I had that Pizza... NOT!  So thank goodness for me getting ill. I am afraid now... and I watched him eat that Oreo Blizzard (my second favorite)and I didn't even want any.. I just shook my head. lol
Moving right along....LOL
I have a bone to pick with women who allow strange men to 'take them on dates at their homes"..hmmmmmhhmmmmm. But.. that will have to wait until tomorrow ya'll. See ya then! 
And remember..Keep it Classy yet Sassy, Truthful yet Respectful! HUGS!

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