Saturday, July 16, 2011

Working Out With An Injury!!

Hello Good People,

       Honestly, I took off this week from writing simply because my mood was down. Have a shoulder injury.. which was either brought on by the Push-Ups challenge I was doing or Tony Hortons... side tri-push-ups!! I couldn't allow Dreya to out-do me! LOL.. Anyway, I had to stop with P90X as I told you earlier. I never knew how much your shoulder/collar bone is involved when exercising. I am addicted to working out. So I tried many workouts.. all hurt.. except the cross ramp and the 'tight arm' running. LOL Yes, I was out there with that one arm clutched.. and straight out running!!!!! I know I looked crazy.. didn't even give a hoot! At any rate, I know a lot of us quit when we get an injury. I will say take care of yourself.. but when you can.. find something to do that doesn't involve that injury.

Just wanted to update y'all on my world this week. Its been trying but fair as usual.
CONTINUE TO GO HARD!! UNTIL NEXT TIME, Keep is Classy yet Sassy, Truthful yet Respectful! 

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