Saturday, July 2, 2011

How it Began

HUGS GUS AND MORE HUGS!!!!  Anyway, enough of all that! lol  Since you are entering my journey long after its inception, allow me to catch you up and I will fill in gaps as we become closer. DEAL? okay, yea .. what choice do you have? DEAL!! So I began 'realizing' I had a little extra weight the end of 2009. I never had a scale in my house. Prior to this point I had always worked out so..what was the point?! But, dang my clothes were all tight.. and ooooo... I have a BOO-TAY now!! YES!!! these were my thoughts... Until right before Valentines Day 2010. I purchased these BAD ASS shoes (will post them later) for the low-low. lil' skirt.. I had planned on being all jazzed up! COULDN'T EVEN WALK FROM THE CAR TO THE RESTAURANT THAT NIGHT! Embarrassed. My sweetie was so nice, he allowed me to lean on him and he blamed the shoes. AWWWEEEEEEE.. But ..I knew it was the 228 pounds the scale in the hotel bathroom displayed (THE NERVE OF THEM TO PLACE ONE THERE! AHHH). So.. upon arriving back home.. went to know? hey.. I've been an athlete all my life. I KNOW how to get in shape, right? I even jumped on their scale .. lol. It read 222 (222....228 whats the difference?). I get home and fussed my sweetie out for not telling me I had gained so much weight! I made him come up with a plan for me. Hey, I'm on my way! YES!!!! Doing my happy dance. I'm krunk! I'm gonna lose 30 pounds a month!  BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!! LONG STORY MADE very short... In 2010 I lost approximately 68 pounds.. yet when I weighed in 12-31-2010.. I weighed 218. You already know.. THE INFAMOUS YO-YO. My mind wanted it..yet my MIND couldn't get with the program. My man had even did the P90X with me! Even changed his eating habits! I was sneaking to Brusters for ice cream, y'all. OOOOOOOO.. the New York Cheesecake Ice Cream!! About 2 a day 4 scoops per serving !!! He was like.. how are you gaining? Funny, NOW, but.. very sad then. I was out of control! Had a friend to go off on me one day with ,"Its not my fault you have a weight issue". THAT WAS IT! I refused to allow another mutha to see me again after they had heard me say, "I'm on a diet", yet when they see me months later they are like, "Really?". Most importantly, I just got tired of lying to myself. Y'all know what I had to do right? I had to clean out all the 'EXTERIOR FAT" in my WORLD. Yea, got rid of that 'friend', dismissed relatives that meant me no good, and went full time with my own business leaving a very lucrative career. All this was done between 01/01/2011 and 01/20/2011. At last, I was clear and free. I can't explain it I FELT lighter! I was down to 219 pounds by February 2011.  NOTICE I am up a pound from December.. BUT I was losing all kinds of I was happy! Then one of my Lovely Sisters sent me an email that REALLY changed my world. The email said.. "hey, lets be friends on my fitness pals!" My Fitness Pals? Okay... I go there.. error message says "you already have an account". WHAT? Is this a scam? So I look at it.. and i go.. ( y'all remember my Yo-Yoing in 2010 right?) Oh yeah! But now I could add friends.. I LOVE FRIENDS! Needless to say, as of today, I and my sister's best friend are still HER only friends.. I have over a hundred that I have formed strong bonds with.. I LOVE MY "MFP". Can't say that enough! Nothing against my sister.. I truly thank God for her sending me that message. I'm a social butterfly. That's not her 'thing thing'.. no biggie! Sis.. I GOT this! LMAO!!  Love you, B!
At any rate.. as of today I am 166 pounds. I could not have done this without my team. So, now you are up to date on my journey- for the most part. I began P90X Lean 06/26/2011.Whew! All I can say is... PAIN and SUCH A SWEET PLEASURE!  This is my second go 'round. Honey, you have no idea what I went through the first time. AND THIS CRAP STILL HURTS!Today is my rest day from P90X. Tomorrow is day1 week 2. I will keep ya posted. Thanks for reading and a HUGE thanks for any comments, shout outs you may add. Remember .. "Keep it Classy Yet Sassy.. Truthful Yet Respectful" until next time HUGS!!!!


  1. Good Job Baby...Keep up the good work. Looking Good!

  2. Great for you girl. You know we both have been on the "journey" of losing weight. Its a hard task, but worth the results in the end. U look FAB so far. Luv ya and keep it up

  3. Thanks Nikki!!!!! Love you too, Girl! Just keep pushing!!!

  4. I'm so happy to have you in my circle!! Whoo-hoo!

    Lawanda(Fourmenandalady MFP)

  5. Lawanda, I'm glad you are here as well girl!! i cant wait to see you all the way to your goals!! HUGS!!

  6. You are truly an inspiration, weight loss is definitely a commitment. So far I have lost 24 pounds, I find that I do the best when I have my life together, love your posts so far <3


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