Friday, July 8, 2011

WOMEN OR MEN?? Cheat Most?

Today has been such a weird day. From my virtual friends to my nearby friends, the topic has trended on .... WHO DOES MORE CHEATING? MEN OR WOMEN?

I grew up in an atmosphere where I truly thought cheating was exclusive to 'men folk'. Not that I was in a home where my Dad was 'known' for infidelity. be honest, I never would have thought that either! JOKES ON ME! But thats another post ALTOGETHER! As I was saying, I truly thought this was foreign to the female gender. Until I got out on my own, moved to the 'BIG CITY' (ha.. from Warner Robins, Ga), met different types of women, and men. I used to hang out in downtown Atlanta daily. If you aren't from there you may not understand the scene, it was THE HANGOUT.  There were well known couples that we ALWAYS saw together... and I always thought, "wow they are so in love". Basically all the college and college bashers were there. On one occasion while hanging out at one spot called The China Five, one half of one of these well know couples walk in PISSED-the guy.  His eyes were watery and I thought maybe he'd lost a loved one. So me being concerned, I inquired and WHOA!!!!! The floodgates ran! He was sick of being played for a fool...she said she wouldn't do it again... this dude knows who I am.... i'm gonna kill them...and so on. Once I caught up I was shocked and like.. NOOOOOO! Why would she do that? Women don't cheat.  He actually took time from his agony to smile at me and say, " you have a lot to learn. Y'all cheat more than us".  Strange idea to me. Some years later I befriended several women who cheated on the regular-yet they loved their man..they would say. That part I learned to accepted. Hey, men and women cheat. The parts that would throw me would be when this very same woman who was just bragging about her other man, would call me crying and feeling so hurt because she THINKS her man is cheating on her! I mean ,'snot running down the nose crying'. I couldn't have feelings of empathy for her. I mean, isn't that the same thing she's doing? Oh no.... she did it because she KNEW he was probably doing 'something and she wasn't going to look like a fool when she finds out". INTERESTING. I'm beating up on my fellow ladies because I already KNEW that MEN did this! But a woman?  It was mind boggling.

The verdict is still out for me as to who does it most. I just know its wrong!  I have been very fortunate to not have experienced a cheater..... MAYBE BECAUSE THEY KNOW IM PSYCHED-OUT?? You think? LOL But no, seriously.. I have said I think God knows I would probably lose it.
At this point I think women cheat AS much and their "caught rate" is simply MUCH less. Men, y'all gotta work on your skills if you are gonna be out there. LOL.

I'm just teasing. really I think men always get caught because the woman he is cheating with WANTS his woman to know. Typically a guy thinks it's a free ride if he's messing with a man's woman. LOL Just the way it is.. NOT ALWAYS. But most often, even if the guy catches most cases his ego won't allow him to act out.

    I will ask y'all to weigh in on this. However, before doing so, I want y'all to think about a few things. Ladies, cheating on your man does not get even the score. As a woman we share so much more than the physical. No one is worth your womanhood. In most cases his cheating is not related to you at all. He's dealing with some insecurities of his own. It is not your place to attack the other woman...she never promised you anything...nor did she exchange vows with you. In a perfect world we would expect her to be a woman and stray clear. But we are not. Place the blame in the right direction. When you can't hack it any longer - LEAVE. But baby Girl, you leave when you are pre-pared to. NOT- when your 'no man home girl' tells you to!
To ALL cheaters, there is an epidemic called A.I.D.S./H.I.V., and it bars NONE. Do you know how many people out there put there faith in a 'rubber lid' and that lid failed them? Do you think now that if they could have a go over... that's where their faith would lie?  Do you want to take the chance of not allowing yourself or loved one to see kids,and family members through their natural life span?  And we are talking about a risk for someone you don't  have any long term intentions with. Is it worth it...REALLY?  I don't know about you but I don't want to be the one saying, "I used a condom and it broke. I didn't even know them. Didn't care to".

If we ALL practice loving ourselves FOR REAL a lot of things would never occur. Love yourself!
Until next time...Keep is Classy yet Sassy... Truthful yet Respectful.

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  1. Well honestly I truly feel that in this era both men & women cheat for various reasons whether it's emotional, physical, or both...It's wrong. No excuse for it because if 2 grown adults have decided to be in a committed relationship then when one is unhappy this needs to be communicated to the other party and decisions need to be made. People cheat because they can & are selfish. I feel they cheat because of voids within themselves and immaturity to be real to the other person. I am a female who have faced the reality of a man cheating on me. It's one of the worse things someone can experience. Besides the emotional factor of knowing that I completely 100% committed myself to my partner he felt the need to go out and be with someone else...that part was hard but for the next 2 years I had to go thru the emotional anxiety of being tested for HIV on several times...because you don't just get one test due to the various incubation periods of the HIV. I didn't trust what he told me..he couldn't be honest enough to tell me he was unhappy & wanted someone else. I sure as heck wasn't going to trust him again to tell me he had been tested and was clean.

    If you don't want someone or if you want an open relationship fellas just tell the truth..don't play with someone else's life.


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