Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yadda Yadda Ya! LOL

Good Morning Good People!

   Yesterday was kinda rough for me. The night before I ate some PIZZA! Had me feeling messed up all day. Thank goodness yesterday was a rest day from working out... but I still would have got it in, mind you. This is a 'Holiday Weekend". For a lot of you with lifestyle changes... the first thought is ... FEAR (of going off plan),or BUMP-IT (Im going all out I work hard so a weekend wont hurt), or I'm In Control (I'm not afraid... I WILL enjoy my weekend AND stay true to me because this is my lifestyle).  Guess what? ALL of these feelings are normal - I think anyways. Depending on where you are in your process. However, for ALL of us..lets not play ourselves with false comments like, "its okay to splurge for four days". At least be honest with yourself that you WILL have consequences for your choices..and be ready to accept them. Its that simple!
Moving right along........LOL
 So I wanted a new meat for breakfast. I generally stay away from processed foods. BUT I wanted some sausage. I normally get Butterball Turkey Sausage in the past. BUT ALL these "Hillshire Farms Go MEAT!", commercials GOT ME YALL! LOL.. So I tried THEIR turkey sausage... Oh HECK NAW!!!! I don't think so.. I cant even describe how terrible it was!!! WTH?  So a little word to the wise...stir clear of those! I'm just sayin'! I will say one of the BEST things I have ran across as an alternative to potatoes is cauliflower and radishes. I use the radishes as a 'fried potato and onions' (for breakfast). I'm a southern girl so I needed something. I use cauliflower as mashed potatoes. YUMMY!  I will post both of those recipes in the upcoming days with photos. The next thing on my list to try for y'all..courtesy of one of my Dawgs (thanks girl) is Motives Make-up line. Im a huge Mac Girl! But in the can be the worse. I will let y'all know how that pans out really soon!
Moving right along.....LOL
 Today is day 1 week 2 of P90X excited!  I know y'all will think I'm crazy..BUT I already see more definition in my arms! I will do pics at the end of this week.Can't wait 4 weeks. Can y'all? lol I have modified my method of eating as follows: 7servings of Protein,2 Fruit, 1 carb,1 fat,3 veggies,1 condiment, 2 dairy. Started that as of today. I will keep ya posted on that. Well, I gotta run yall. Thanks for stopping by... and remember... Keep is Classy yet Sassy, Truthful yet Respectful! Thanks for your comments! HUGS!

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